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Resonant is a management consultancy with an outstanding reputation among its clients, most of whom have been working continuously with Resonant for several years. It’s the consulting vehicle of Andy Atkins, a business strategist and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management with a senior commercial management background and over 16 years experience dealing with the opportunities, risks and technicalities of the online world. Whatever the project type or level of involvement, the focus is on creating sustainable commercial ¬†success for clients – and Resonant has a very strong track record of achieving this. If you want to deal directly with someone who understands top-level strategy, marketing and cyber issues inside-out, whilst being able to implement projects with internal teams, we should get to know each other.









What Does Resonant Offer?

Strategy & Business Planning

Andy is a commercially-focused strategist and planner by training and trade, having been involved in mapping-out ‘big’ decisions since his late-20s at British Steel and then Golden Wonder.

For the past 20 years, he’s defined and managed the strategic changes of many of the organisations he’s worked or consulted for. He has a habit of identifying an organisations challenges and opportunities very quickly and in very straightforward terms, whilst being able to coach teams through the implementation of the subsequent strategic choices. ‘Clarity’ is a word often used by clients.

Typical projects include:

  • Working with CEOs or Boards of low-growth or declining businesses to identify, shape and implement plans to achieve profit growth
  • Coaching inexperienced management teams through the process of developing and implementing business plans within a strategic context
  • Identifying the critical success factors and competences that are required to meet specific objectives, such as private equity funding requirements

Digital Consulting

Resonant’s digital consulting work has broadened as the digital revolution has matured. Whilst SEO, search advertising and connectivity were the dominant issues in the early 2000’s, when Andy was a senior manager at Sage, today’s work is more complex. With increasingly integrated networks, systems and data sets, the opportunities for using digital technologies have grown immensely, but so have the risks. On the marketing front, clients now need marketing campaigns that seamlessly leverage online and offline channels and assets, whilst the distinctions between in-house and cloud IT, or websites and social platforms, have become very blurred and create new challenges in the fields of security, compliance and reputation.

Resonant provides hands-on advice, planning and project management in the following fields:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Ecommerce
  • Data Protection

When it comes to digital, Resonant has spent nearly 10 years ‘walking the walk’ as well as ‘talking the talk’, through work in some of the most competitive and dynamic online markets, whilst Andy also holds relevant qualifications, including a¬†CertISMP (Dist.), and is actively involved in the Institute of Information Security Professionals and Google Partners.


Marketing Consulting

Andy built his career through national account management, marketing, product development and branding long before getting involved in the digital world. As a result, Resonant has a strong portfolio of online and offline marketing clients in several consumer goods sectors. Illustrations of this from the past year include several months spent redefining the design and NPD strategy of a soft furnishings business and building online brand equity through social media for a pet foods business.

Resonant doesn’t deliver its marketing projects like an agency – it’s a strategy and planning consultancy that identifies where to go, how to get there and what assets are required – so there’s no ‘fluff’ in terms of additional services, just insightful and actionable advice.


Clients & Projects

As you'll see from the examples, Resonant's work covers a variety of sectors and business types. The factors common to all projects are that Resonant will have demonstrated expertise and success in the work to be undertaken, there are shared business values and the work requires a strategic approach i.e. it's fundamental to the organisation's future growth and/or resilience.
With a strong record of successful project delivery, the reality is that many clients choose to have an on-going working relationship with Resonant - and having time to meet those needs effectively is why the business keeps a low profile, relying on referrals.

Taking the 'geek-speak' out of managing cybersecurity risks

The Resonant Approach

Different Methods for Different Requirements

Resonant is unusual in embracing two quite different models of working with clients - consultancy or non-executive directorship.
It's more usual for a managing consultant to hold one of two NED positions on a personal basis and outside of their 'normal' work. However, by offering both routes to clients within the Resonant framework, they can (and do) utilise either approach seamlessly and with identical access to resources and risk-management.


Not surprisingly, virtually every client that Resonant has worked with started with a single-project or limited-time consulting contract, regardless of whether this was for digital marketing work, business planning or coaching. However, the nature of the work tends to have a bearing on the length of contract - consulting on a big system selection project might take 4 days over a short period, whereas an effective coaching or mentoring programme would take at least 6 days over as many months and often longer.

Whilst Resonant still undertakes a few one-off, short-term contracts, individual clients have increasingly developed an on-going relationship. This is both a vote of confidence in Resonant and a recognition by clients of the benefits of using someone that's regularly engaged with their business and their people. If you think that your organisation might benefit from sustained expert input, but you don't want to make a long-term commitment, this just might be a good way to access that help.

Non-Executive Directorship

Andy's held a variety of executive and non-executive directorships over more than 20 years and has experience of leading Boards and managing external investors as a non-executive chair going back nearly 10 years. Although most of these non-executive roles have had a significant element of project consultancy rolled into them, they are otherwise quite different in nature.

A good non-exec is there to support as well as question and to have a firm grasp of the trade-offs between opportunities and risks. Importantly, they are duty-bound to further the best interests of the company, not their own income needs, and to ensure that other directors do the same. Because effective non-execs have to trust as well as be trusted, appointments often end very quickly or will last years. In Andy's experience, open and honest initial discussions are crucial to a successful appointment, as the relationship needs to withstand the inevitable future stresses and strains.

If your organisation could perform better over the long-term with high-quality input that combines drive, grip and calmness, the non-executive director route can play an important part in realising those ambitions. Andy has a wealth of business knowledge in addition to being a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a qualified business coach, so feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more.

New Product Consultancy from Concept to Customer or Consumer

Some Testimonials

Banging the drum isn't really the Resonant style and virtually every current client came via a thoughtful referral, rather than overt marketing. Having said that, it is a source of immense pride that comments such as these are regularly offered by clients.


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